"Margie and her staff take pride in all their work. You can be rest assured your sale will be run professionally and in an orderly fashion, insuring a pleasant experience for all who attend."       
Estate Sales
The M&M Estate Sales and Liquidation division provides service when you are downsizing, moving, or have lost a loved one and need an estate settled. This procedure involves going through the entire house including attics, basements, the garage, and storage sheds or barns. Every box, drawer, cabinet, closet and cupboard is thoroughly checked for contents.

We will then take care of setting up and running the sale. We perform all tagging, pricing, advertising, selling, and settling with receipts and print out of all sales. Once completed, the home will be cleaned and the key will be handed over to the realtor, ready for its first customer if the home is to be sold.

We will also take any items you choose to the charity or non-profit organization of your choice.

Estate Sale will Include:

1.  Sorting Through All Articles
      A.  Boxes
      B.  Dressers
      C.  Cabinets
      D.  Basements
      E.  Garages/Tool sheds
      F.  Attics

2.  Set-up
      A.  Tables
      B.  Arranging
      C.  Hanging

3.  Tagging
      A.  All items

4.  Pricing  (Margie's years of experience will ensure your items are priced correctly.)
      A.  Glassware
      B.  Antiques
      C.   Furniture
      D.  Clothing
      E.   Pictures
      F.   Lawn equipment/tools
      G.   Pottery
      H.  Appliances
       I.  Collectibles

5.  Advertising*  (Includes Internet/Craigslist)
     A.  Word of Mouth
     B.  Toledo Blade
     C.   Email And Referral Name List
     D.  Signs
     E.   Perrysburg Messenger Journal*
     F.   Monroe Evening News*
     G.   Bedford Press*
     H.   Key Shoppers*
     I.   West Toledo Journal*
     J.   Rossford Record*
     K.   Point Place and Shoreland Journal*
(*One of the publications or a community paper near your sale.)

6.  Staff
     A.  Spotters
     B.  Cashier
     C.  Set-up/tear-down

7.  Cleaning
     A.  Kitchen
     B.  Bathrooms
     C.  Vacuuming
     D.  Sweeping garage

8.  Left over items
     A.  St. Vincent de Paul
     B.  Church/Charity/Non-Profit of your choice
     C.  Battered Woman's Shelter
     D.  Your choice
     E.  We can choose

9.  Trash Out
     A.  Curb rubbish
     B.  Hauling
     C.  Truck rental
     D.  Dumpster

10.  Charges
     A.  25% of gross sales
     B.  Cleaning - (depends on severity and size of job)
     C.  More than two types of advertising - signs included
     D.  Moving large items
     E.  Packing and boxing of donations
     F.  Charitable contributions removed and delivered free within 10 mile radius

11.  What is needed from you?
     A.  Not a thing!!!
     B.  Work from beginning to end handled by M & M Estate Sales
     C.  We will alleviate any worries you may have

Whether you're selling, renting, or moving into the home, after completion of the sale you can rest easy knowing that the home will be ready for immediate occupancy.

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