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Margie’s Cleaning Service / M & M Estate Liquidations/ Moving
a multi-task company.  We can do it all.
Established in 1993, well developed and built
strong into three main areas of service.

We work with realtors, lending institutions, attorneys and you!

The first department is the  Cleaning  Division.  That provides daily,
weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and/or special occasion cleanings for
both residential and commercial customers with special attention
to the busy areas. 

Our main forte’ are extreme cleaning, such as; refurbishes,
relocations, repossessions, adult protection, Area On Aging, Pass
Port Services, compulsive disorder, family homes, trash outs,
move in/out, renovated and new construction, yard work/ clean
out and abandoned homes and garages. We specialize in Hoarding!

The second department is Estate Liquidation division. 
That provides estate sales when you are down sizing, moving,
lost a loved one which needs an estate settled.  This procedure
entails in taking care of setting up the sale, tagging, pricing,
advertising, selling, settling with receipts and print out of all sales.
Once completed, the home will be cleaned and the key ready
to be handed over to the realtor, ready for its first customer.  
Remember, first impression is always the  best!

Our third department is Moving division. We will wrap,
pack, load, inventory your belongings and move them across
town or across country, unloading, unpacking and placing
your belongings in your new home safely.

In addition to our specialties; carpet cleaning, windows,
strip and refinish tile floors can also be scheduled
according to your needs.

We are the only company in Toledo to offer all these
services with just one call.  We want to add you to our
ever expanding list of satisfied customers.

**Our main foundation is working with Realtors, Lending Institutions, Attorneys, State, and City.
**Court Certified Appraiser.

Call us at (419) 729-3331 for a free estimate.
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